LETTER: Opposition to planned IKEA

I would like to express my strong disagreement with the proposed development of an IKEA store in Lancing for these reasons.

Firstly, the A27 in Lancing is already the third most-congested road in the south east, and the average IKEA store attracts 5,000 cars a day.

Usually, IKEA stores are built on business parks close to motorways.

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The congestion on the A27 and in Shoreham, as people seek a back route , would be terrible.

Secondly, the proposal is to build on a flood plain, and there has not been sufficient research done to prove that this will not be detrimental 
to surrounding property in the future.

Thirdly, the air pollution in and around Shoreham is already well in excess of government targets.

There is a need for more local employment, but this could be provided in the form of many small business units on the site, which would not massively increase congestion or pollution.

Pattie Horrocks

Broad Reach


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