LETTER: Our NHS needs more funding

As a 93-year-old man who was born long before the formation of the NHS, it breaks my heart to see what is being done to our NHS for no other reason than a stubborn adherence to a failed austerity program.

The NHS is not failing because of immigrants, the doctors or the nurses, but for a lack of proper funding.

When this year’s round of cuts kicks in it will mean that Sussex NHS will have another £800million a year cut from its budget, this from a service that is already badly underfunded.

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Things that stick in my memory of the way things were before the founding of the NHS was watching my Mother hand over her last half crown to pay for a visit by the doctor who took hold of it in a pinch of cotton wool to guard against being infected, or of standing outside the school dinner entrance with the other kids who could not afford to pay the tuppence to gain entrance .

This is no sob story, I am in my 93rd year and pictures and memories like that stick in my mind and haunt me to this day. Never in my worst dreams did I think I might see those scenes return 90 years later, and unless we fund the NHS properly they will return.

Pat Daly

Devonport Road


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