LETTER: Pavements and hazards...

My daily journeys around Worthing mostly take place on foot, mostly as part of my job.

Usually, I encounter a significant number of pavement cyclists, especially close to the town centre.

A few weeks ago, I escaped being struck head on by just inches, as a woman cycling on the pavement sped by near Waitrose.

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Today, close to St Paul’s church, I was not so lucky.

As I waited to cross Chapel Road, I received a sharp blow to my back, as someone cycled into me.

Again, this happened whilst I was walking on the pavement. The guy came off his bike, glared at me (presumably for having the temerity for being in his way!), then cycled off, minus any sort of apology.

What with the occasional skateboarder, and vehicles sometimes partially obstructing the walkway, Worthing’s pavements seem to be more of a hazard for pedestrians than ever!

Ian Naylor

Thesiger Road,


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