LETTER: Planned family reunion details

On November 26, 2015, the Steyning Herald published an article about the research that was being undertaken by Beeding and Bramber Local History Society into the Tidy family of Small Dole.

Moses and Hiram Tidy were two of the nine children of Edward Tidy and Sarah Scarrott and both of them served in First World War. You published a photograph of their father, Edward.

In August, 2017, Elaine Sowerby, granddaughter of Miriam Tidy, a sister of Hiram and Moses, visited from Australia. Since then, Fiona Greenfield, from Shoreham, granddaughter of Sarah Ann Tidy, their youngest sister, has also been in touch.

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She is in contact with many other family members, but there are many more whose whereabouts are unknown.

As Elaine is again visiting from Australia, a Tidy family reunion has been arranged on Sunday, July 8, from 10am to 12pm at Small Dole Village Hall. All Tidy and Scarrott family members are welcome to attend, but they need to register first by leaving their contact details with this newspaper for the attention of Pat Nightingale, secretary of Beeding and Bramber Local History Society.

Pat Nightingale

Honorary secretary,

Beeding and Bramber Local History Society,
Hyde Street
Upper Beeding

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