LETTER: Pothole repairs '˜are a shambles'

I read with great interest the article on potholes and how Bob Lanzer is singing the praises of Highways and the contractors.

It is wonderful to read that so far this year they have filled 14,500 potholes.

It is, however, not something to be proud of that most of the repairs I have seen have not been done properly and will be unlikely to survive the next winter. Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being wasted by the disgraceful way these repairs are being done.

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I would suggest Mr Lanzer and his management colleagues go out and inspect the quality of the workmanship.

As regards his comments on surface dressing, I assume he means work such as that carried out on the Marine Parade in Worthing.

Within a year of that work most of the dressing has gone and we have wonderful shiny road surfaces.

The incorrect markings which were blacked out to lay the correct markings are now visible and as for the clean up afterwards to remove loose chippings – well, that was never properly completed as the parking was reinstated before it had been done.

I see that similar work is now being carried out on A270 and it is still a roller coaster ride. When finished it might look good but it won’t last.

West Sussex Highways department is a shambles and before anyone blames it on austerity, the state of the roads goes back before the millennium. Until its repair a year or so ago, the junction of Kingston Lane and Brighton Road in Shoreham had been like it since 1985, when I frequently visited a friend who lived on the junction.

M. Hill

Barfield Park, Lancing

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