LETTER: Public has right to services

First our Littlehampton Hospital was stolen from us by duplicitous health bosses who pretended that they were going to give us a new one, but reneged on that promise over ten years ago.

Then our police station was closed, our patrol police constables and police community support officers taken away by a police commissioner who had promised to increase local policing, and we are poorly served from Bognor Regis.

Now, our Littlehampton Ambulance Station is to be downgraded to a community response post, and services ‘centralised’ to Worthing, and there is a threat to reduce fire engines and their crewing levels across West Sussex.

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Where will it all end? Already we are seeing increasing crime levels in our district, with delayed response times.

How long will it be before we have an avoidable death because of longer ambulance journey times, or a fire fatality down to a slower response time or reduced manning levels? The public have a right to proper public protection from all our emergency services, and not this relentless drive purely to save money in the name of efficiency or austerity.

Dr James Walsh

County, district and town councillor (Liberal Democrat),

Littlehampton East and Beach,

The Street, Rustington

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