LETTER: Recycling rules are so different

Further to the article '˜Councils recommit to weekly bin collections' (Herald & Gazette, January 4) and the comment by Ms Deborah Urquhart concerning the recycling rate in West Sussex, I would suggest that a good part of the problem is the confusing rules regarding what you can and cannot recycle.

My wife and I moved down here from Horley, Surrey, some two years ago and were surprised at the differences between the recycling practices.

At our previous address we were able to recycle plastic bags (excluding black/green refuse bags), plastic bottles including the tops also lids from jars and the dispenser from liquid soaps, etc.

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Furthermore as well as paper, card, etc., we were also able to recycle shredded paper as long as it was put out in a paper bag.

We also had a weekly food waste collection together with weekly refuse, two weekly recycling and two weekly garden waste collections.

It seems to me that if Ms Urquhart wants to improve the recycling rate then she has to persuade the ‘contractor’ to be a bit more flexible in its practices towards what it would take for recycling which would then encourage people to recycle rather than dumping stuff into refuse because they can’t decide whether something can be recycled or not. It might also be worthwhile for Ms Urquhart to speak to her counterpart at Surrey County Council for some tips on how to improve the recycling rate.

Anthony Spender

Marine Crescent


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