LETTER: Renewables are vital for our future

There was an amazing apparently anti-green consensus in Horsham District Council regarding the three solar-farm planning applications reported on the front page (South Downs edition) and inside the County Times on 17th April.

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Your letters

To continue the uninterrupted electricity supply that we enjoy today, it is clear that there is a place for solar-farms in our overall energy policy; if not on marginal land, grazing between the banks of panels continues to allow food production.

In sensitive landscape areas such as National Parks, appropriate screening might need to be put in place to mitigate their impact.

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However, the comment attributed to Philip Circus that ‘....we should not be swept up on this bandwagon of renewable energy’ is very worrying indeed, especially if it is even vaguely representative of the views of the council as a whole - attitudes like that will take the country (and the world) on the bandwagon towards self-destruction!

Renewables HAVE to become a central thrust in the drive towards a sustainable future for us all.


Moat Lane, Pulborough