LETTER: Requested improvements?

So I was mistaken, John Hughes has now made it clear that he thinks people living alongside the main road through Worthing should take precedence over '˜the many tens of thousands from many parts of the country who suffer hold ups through the north of the town'.

Quick transport is essential for the country’s economy.

Something has to be done about the congestion while upsetting the home-owners as little as possible.

Having a flyover right through Worthing avoids encroaching on anyone’s land.

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It would be much easier than now for home owners to enter or leave their properties. It would also allow the through traffic to travel at up to 60mph, dropping down to about 40mph between Lyons Farm and Hill Barn to allow for lane changing. The through road and traffic speed would then rise again after Hill Barn.

Faster moving traffic causes less air pollution.

The lower road would be less congested, reducing pollution as well.

In contrast, if the Highways England scheme is as it is described, it would have to take land from properties alongside. The Lyons Farm junction would still cause hold ups and there would still be congestion as traffic from the flyovers merged with the local traffic. It would be difficult to incorporate the Grove Lodge flyover.

The expense of that and the purchase of the extra land mean that it might be no cheaper than the full-length flyover. What a pity that we didn’t get grants for road building like other countries in the EU.

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It would be interesting to know what improvements Tim Loughton and Peter Bottomley are requesting from Highways England.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue


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