LETTER: Room for all on the promenade

Through your letters page, I would ask that you remind cyclists that pedestrians have priority on the promenade and to have care for those walking.

At about 6pm on Saturday, June 9, whilst walking my dog, a fast-moving cyclist knocked me over from behind.

The force was such that I was spun round and knocked to the ground resulting in a great deal of pain and bruising.

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Not good, since this has led to a visit to A&E, where I was treated very efficiently by the excellent and cheerful staff who confirmed that I had broken my elbow and fortunately nothing worse.

Even so, I am left feeling 
as if I have been run over by a truck!

I am a 57-year-old reasonably active woman who regularly exercises and I have a bike myself.

Had I been someone less steady on their feet or a toddler I dread to think what the outcome would have been.

The young male cyclist at the time was exceedingly apologetic and very polite and I did actually feel quite sorry for him.

Unfortunately, he is of the view that I am equally at fault on the basis that we were both on a ‘public cycle pedestrian path’.

I may be naive, but I think there is little anyone can do to avoid being hit from behind by a speeding cyclist.

My husband – who regularly cycles along the promenade – and I explained to him and his friend that it is the cyclist’s responsibility to be aware of pedestrians and cycle at a low enough speed to be able to stop safely or allow sufficient room to avoid an accident.

After reporting the incident to the beach office, they too have confirmed that cyclists do not have priority over pedestrians.

I would not wish to see cyclists excluded from the promenade since it is great to see families and groups of friends enjoying cycling together. My family and I have always felt there is room for all on the promenade and as the seafront road is so busy with cars, possibly safer for cyclists on the promenade.

However, cyclists need to understand that they do not have priority and the promenade is not a race track.

With the London to Brighton cycle next week, it is a good time to remind people to be safe and show consideration to others and ensure that cyclists are aware that pedestrians have priority.

Michelle Edwards

Downview Road


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