LETTER: Scales of justice are unbalanced

The Planning Inspector’s review of HDC’s Planning Framework saw some excellent contributions from the public, who sometimes found themselves facing a very expensive QC - funded by them! One might ask why many £1,000s per day of taxpayers’ money were spent on a QC to defend the Plan? Perhaps the leader can explain that in his column.

Your letters
Your letters

Was it because the Plan went out to consultation with only one (North Horsham) option; because there was no clear financial case for the 500,000 sq ft of business park; or because the 650pa housing target was flawed?

Or was it because of the £10m gap in infrastructure funding, which seems to have increased to around £18m?

We even saw two MPs turn out to oppose Mayfield’s proposal for a new market town east of Henfield, thereby reinforcing the tide towards North Horsham, which was opposed by many residents.

On the other hand, Horsham’s own MP did not appear at the table and neither did the so-called Tory rebels from North Horsham.

So, whilst most developers and HDC were well represented, residents largely had to fend for themselves, AND pay the bill.

Since there are well over 50,000 council taxpayers in the District, against a handful of developers, the scales of justice seem somewhat unbalanced.


Northlands Road, Warnham