LETTER: South will end up being strangled

Regarding proposed development for greenfields next to the A264, why not improve and fully utilise existing houses and commercial vacant property? Convert vacant offices into housing before desecrating precious greenbelt land.

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Your letters

Services are already stretched, particularly hospitals. Industrial estates are not needed in Horsham. The North of England is crying out for existing vacant areas to be redeveloped. The South will end up being strangled.

Existing schools are coping using catchment areas – no change needed if this proposed scheme does not go ahead.

Property will be devalued – Horsham has been known as one of the best towns to live in at the moment. This pleasant market town will evolve to be an industrial overspill.

A few will reap great gains, the many will live in a crowded, sprawling soulless ‘town’ surrounded by a concrete jungle.

Please HDC consider very carefully, CONSCIENTIOUSLY and DEMOCRATICALLY.


Marlborough Close, Horsham