LETTER: Thanks after collection

I am pleased to announce that the street collection for Christian Aid in Rustington on Friday, May 18, raised £425, thanks to a band of cheerful collectors and the generous support of the public.

This means that, overall, Churches Together in Rustington, with support from St Mary’s in East Preston and Angmering Baptist Church, have raised a total to date, including Gift Aided Funding, of £5,508 for Christian Aid Week 2018.

A big thank-you to those householders who received us graciously, opened their purses and turned out their pockets recognising that, although often exhausted from delivering and collecting thousands of envelopes, we were volunteering for an important and worthwhile cause. Together we have been able to make a real difference to the lives of those who live in real poverty.

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Thank you once again for giving your support to collectors in the shopping area and through the envelopes collected at your doors.

Christine Clarke

Local Christian Aid 
area organiser,

Myrtle Grove

East Preston

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