LETTER: Thanks to all who voted

Through your pages could I thank the many voters in Central ward who voted for me in last week's Worthing Borough Council elections?

It was very clear to me on the day that I was getting support from right across the community and I am very grateful for it.

There seemed to be a real will to ensure I won this time and I am very humbled.

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To get the second-highest vote of any candidate across all the wards was a truly remarkable result and I will endeavour to repay the trust placed in me by so many residents by following through on the commitments I made during the campaign – particularly on housing, transport and improving the town centre and seafront.

I said in my leaflet that the Labour surge in Worthing was unstoppable, and that proved to be the case.

We won four seats across the town and now have five councillors and have become the main opposition party to the Tories on the council.

Just to put this into historical context, between 1922, when the first Labour councillor was elected in Worthing and last year, there had only ever been seven Labour councillors, and the most on the council at any one time was four, in 1945.

So, those residents who voted for us really are helping us to make history in the town. We look forward to making much more over the next few years.

Councillor Jim Deen

Harrow Road


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