LETTER: Thoughts on cycle route

In reference to the Gazette article (June 14) about the proposed cycle route between Arundel and Littlehampton along the River Arun, I asked the Arun cabinet some questions on this matter on May 21.

I pointed to the Environment Agency Lower Tidal River Arun strategy, which states that in respect of this stretch of river they intend to maintain defences for 50 years and then withdraw maintenance.

I suggested that when both the Lyminster and Arundel bypasses are constructed there is a fantastic opportunity to create a safe cycle route between the two towns, usable all-year round and in hours of darkness using the Lyminster Road and the old A27 from Crossbush.

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I am of the view that the best way to use the River Arun to promote tourism is using river transport (boats) and that the opportunity to run open top buses from Arundel to Amberley museum and Bury Hill to access the national park should be investigated.

I’m unsure that expenditure on an initial £70,000 for consultants to prepare plans for a project which is uncosted but likely to run into millions is the best use of public funds at this time and issues about flood risk need to be addressed first.

Cllr Derrick Chester

Liberal Democat, 
Littlehampton Town Council, Worthing Road, Littlehampton

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