LETTER: Time to update the machines

I agree with the comments in the letter from Mrs Dunford about parking machines at Worthing Hospital (Opinion, Herald, August 17).

We had cause to visit the hospital in May and found exactly the same situation: i.e., the note section taped up.

I wrote, as advised, to chief executive Marianne Griffiths, but as with a previous letter to her it seemed to disappear into a black hole, never to be heard of again.

After a long day at the hospital and being unwell anyway, the last thing one wants is to have problems getting out of the car park, and if you have difficulty walking the office is not exactly close by.

All the kind attention we received at the hospital was undermined by this lack of consideration at the final moment, when we were just desperate to get home. Maybe the Herald can persuade them to update, or are they waiting to the last minute when the old pound will not be legal tender? And if so, why?

Mrs G. Roberton

Broadwater Way