LETTER: Unfair to those who abide by rules

What exactly is the traffic situation in East Street, Horsham, in the evening?
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On a recent Friday, due to torrential rain, we caught a taxi into Horsham to eat in East Street, we were duly dropped outside Barclays Bank as our taxi driver explained vehicle access through East street is restricted to disabled badge holders and vehicles loading and unloading.

Why then if our taxi cannot deliver us to our destination was the whole of East Street lined with parked cars (none of them displaying a Blue Badge) and cars passing us as we ran to our restaurant in the rain?

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If traffic is allowed to drive through East Street in the evening then perhaps the local authority could notify all taxi drivers who after all would only be loading or unloading!

I would have paid a higher fare to get to exactly where I wanted to go, I then would have arrived for my dinner warm and dry and my taxi driver would have earned a better fare.

It does seem that the local authority introduced a traffic scheme which is unfair to those who abide by the rules but also one it is uninterested in policing and therefore open to the abuse of people who are happy to break the rules.

Next time it is raining I shall eat in a restaurant I can get dropped of outside as that is after all why most of us use a taxi.


Stoneybrook, Horsham

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