LETTER: What are we paying for?

Last Friday at 4.30pm, my wife was travelling from Worthing to Shoreham on the coast road.

She came to the junction traffic lights at Brooklands Park. This is an unsafe road layout where one turn-left lane and one forward lane end up with two forward lanes which once past the lights dissolve into one.

My wife moved into the forward lane and once across the lights found that she was being threatened by a white van and trailer coming up on her inside. This van accelerated past her, damaging the side of her car. She was able to write down the number of this rough rider and went to the police station to report what had happened. Unfortunately you have to make an appointment to see somebody at Lancing.

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Upon reaching home she phoned the police. After waiting for 50 minutes for somebody to answer, she was cut off. There was a recorded message that said that she could email the police. This she did. Three days later she is waiting for a response.

I have to ask, for what are we paying huge sums of money in our rates to the police ? Perhaps we should have a detailed CV from the chief constable.

Brian Coomber

Adur district councillor

for St Nicolas Ward,

Buckingham Road


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