LETTER: When it rains...

LAST week’s letter by Laurie Ward hit the button on the head.

We seem to have saddled ourselves with the most inept politicians who seem more interested in preserving their own positions at the expense and detriment of the local people.

We have the road to nowhere open, or as I prefer to call it, ‘the causeway’.

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I drove down it the other day after a heavy shower and it was like through a large lake, I hate to think how bad it will get when we get some real rain.

I think it would be a good idea to arrange a trip for our esteemed councillors and planning officers to take a ride over the causeway. It may even make them think about flooding, after all most live out of the area so it’s not a problem to them.

I still haven’t worked out how affordable housing came about on site six, a surcharge was added by the builders of about £30,000 per house to pay for the road with the agreement of Arun Council.

I am not sure how the people now living in those houses felt about that but it certainly didn’t make the houses any more affordable.

Mind you it was well publicised at the time that not a penny of taxpayers’ money would be used to build the new road.

Once again I am not sure how that works but I assume that the new residents have a card they show when they purchase things like petrol or perhaps the are exempt from tax on the £30,000 extra they pay on their mortgages.

Perhaps one of our councillors can explain.

Alan Ambridge,

Christchurch Crescent

West Meads