LETTER: Where is new rolling stock?

The cross-party public accounts committee has stated that the Southern, Northern and Thameslink rail franchise is a '˜multi-faceted shambles' causing '˜untold misery for passengers'.

The East Coast Mainline franchise has failed for the third time.

The Department for Transport’s answer is that the report is ‘inaccurate’. There is nothing inaccurate about Southern’s appalling record and false statements.

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When it purchased those awful, old, used trains that rattle and shake and have no toilets or legroom, or effective heating, it was stated that their use would be limited to short shuttles. But they are regularly used on Littlehampton and Portsmouth to Brighton routes while other operators purchase new stock!

Additionally, three large potholes in Sea Road, Littlehampton, were repaired on April 25.

They were not filled completely and the new Tarmac is already crumbling and will be a useless waste of money in a very short time.

Why are these repairs not monitored?

Michael Moore

Norfolk Road

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