LETTER: Why people turn away from voting

If ever there was any doubt how stupid, ignorant and self seeking the majority of our council is, then the vote on the future of Horsham Football Club proved it.

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Your letters

To say cycling access is an issue is bizarre, the councillor clearly has not been to a match and has no understanding as does effect on surrounding trees.

These are the same people who hoisted the park and ride on us that we pay for and the vast majority don’t use. Where were voices of our dissent then?

No, it’s what suits them as was the waste of £500,000 on West Street and further money in taking good signs down.

These councillors seem hell bent on destroying every fabric of Horsham community, remember the lovely ‘English’ October fair they kicked into touch.

Woe betide any councillor that puts through their propaganda tripe through my door come election time. If there is any doubt why people turn away from voting then this epitomises it in a nutshell.


North Heath Lane, Horsham