LETTER: You are welcome to come in 2019

In response to Helen Doswell's observations (letters, March 8), in which she criticised the lack of information regarding the staging of the Worthing Music & Arts Festival, I would agree that the vast majority of attendees tend to be relatives and friends of performers, and those, as Ms Doswell puts it, '˜in the know'.

Whether or not the general public would be pursuaded to attend events through extensive advertising is debatable, but in previous years when the festival did invest in promoting itself through local media, leaflet drops, posters, etc., there was no evidence this produced a notable increase in numbers attending.

For that reason, the festival moved away from traditional advertising and concentrated more on social media.

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However, I’m sure if the Herald, and other outlets, were able to provide free space to promote the festival, the offer would be greatly appreciated?

Like Ms Doswell, I have had quite a few years’ experience of festivals, so was surprised, given her 26 years at Surrey, that she was unable to find details about the festival.

The telephone number, 01903 506621, is listed, and a search engine enquiry would have led her to the festival website – www.wmaaf.co.uk

Hopefully, now having the contact information, she will be a welcome spectator in 2019.

John logan

Warnham Mews, Goring

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