Littlehampton Waitrose site could replace vital facilities we have lost

I sincerely hope that when Arun District Council’s planning committee considers the application for 83 dwellings and 41 parking spaces on the old Waitrose site, that it will remember the number of flats, mainly for the elderly, we already have in Littlehampton.

Also, the closure of so many important amenities: the hospital; Tamarisk Centre; some dental services until 2022; the Look & Sea centre – plus the enormous pressure on GP surgeries.

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The latest example of the latter is 22,000 patients from the amalgamation of the Park Surgery and the Westcourt Medical Centre.

The former Waitrose site in Littlehampton

Although I am sure that it will be run efficiently, where does the personal doctor relationship fit in to this?

Since architects are already involved, it should be possible, instead of replacing this enormous building, to transform it into a fully functioning community centre.

Currently there is plenty of parking and easy access to the bus station.

There could be a health centre, an area for disabled people and their carers replacing the Tamarisk functions, day nursery, evening youth centre, toilets for bus passengers and drivers plus wardens’ accommodation to oversee the efficient function of the whole enterprise.

Whilst appreciating that this would require co-operation and finance from many different departments, it would replace some of the vital facilities that our special seaside town has lost.

I do not believe that the Waitrose site is suitable for the development suggested, so let us have better use of the shops, offices and empty premises that we already have.

Margaret Boulton

Beach Crescent, Littlehampton


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