More landmarks of architecture needed

CONGRATULATIONS to Arun, Littlehampton Town Council and all those who have worked so hard towards the successful launch of the World's Longest Bench.

The unveiling of a short section to great applause was made all the more exciting by the obvious enthusiasm and support provided by Arun's leader Gillian Brown and the mayor Mark Butler.

Despite the expected wrinkles that will have be to ironed out, it will prove to be another sensational architectural feature of the town, along with the world-class West and East Beach Cafs, and like them, the bench will cost the council tax payer nothing. That's correct,

Littlehampton gets all the benefits with none of the cost.

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I am certain that there would be hundreds of other towns in Europe that would love to have the World's Longest Bench to their name. So far, Littlehampton has it, but we need to work hard to keep it and see it through to its conclusion.

There can be little doubt that this addition to the town will only add to the worldwide reputation that Littlehampton is the place for cutting-edge, innovative, imaginative and artistic architectural buildings and structures.

Along with this reputation come the national and international awards, and the press attention from which we derive the tourism interest that drive this town's economy.

I would urge those responsible for planning Littlehampton's regeneration to look at the enormous press coverage generated by the new architectural landmarks of Littlehampton with the new architectural landmarks of Bognor Regis and the press it gets.

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Imagine if Littlehampton made a conscious decision that cutting-edge architecture should be at the core of its regeneration of the harbour and waterfront, we might just get the regeneration that we can all be genuinely proud of together with the economic security and wealth that comes with it.

Littlehampton, the new home of cutting edge architecture. . . is that too much to hope for?

Robert M. Boyce

Osborne of Arun

Rope House

Rope Walk



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