New store won't have safe access

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Bexhill Observer letters
From: Erica Barrett, Chairman, Pilot Field Area Residents' Association, The Ridge, Hastings

Your correspondent Geoff Morris is sadly naive in his hope that a new Aldi store on Bexhill Road will have traffic control and a pedestrian crossing as a prerequisite of development permission being granted.

Our Association, PFARA, has been demanding both improvements to be installed opposite Hastings Cemetery for well over a decade and we are still fighting!

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Mr Morris must realise East Sussex Highways Department has no interest in anything east of Pevensey Marsh and constant petitioning and even demonstrations (which we have tried) have no effect on its employees, nor on its councillors.

The Aldi store will arrive, but not the safe access for people and vehicles. The Aldi in Ore needs great courage to enter either on foot or on wheels as its uncontrolled access is also directly on the A259. Mr Morris will be able to enjoy his new store but must realise that he will risk life and limb to shop there.

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