New toilet – but not as we know it

From: Dougie Harvey, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill

I am writing to the Observer this week to let you know a new toilet has been installed in Parkhurst Road.

Well it’s not a toilet as most citizens would recognise, it is a public use bench and a wheelie bin, though quite a few people that sit on it recently tend to like urinating on the bench and bin when they are full of alcohol.

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I have reported this to Sussex Police, but to no avail, the cheerful Street drinkers continue to like urinating in the same place. These individuals have no shame, this action is carried out in front of children and women.

I hope most would agree that this is unacceptable behaviour. So how can this be remedied?

Perhaps Police could intervene when asked, or take the bench away, or maybe CCTV could be set up with Parkhurst Road within its surveillance area.

Perhaps Sussex Police or the Local Authority would like to respond to my letter.

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So remember next time you are walking past Boots take a look down the side of Boots into Parkhurst Road, you will see a stream of urine making its way to the road.

I was under the impression that urinating in public was a criminal offence!