No going back once you’ve concreted over South East

From: Alison CushingGranville Road , Eastbourne

Thank you Eastbourne Herald for obtaining the facts and figures of the biggest housing developments in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond, although I and no doubt countless others could cry in desperation at the destruction that is being wreaked on the South East.

In the 1950’s a book was written by a man who predicted the south east would ultimately be concreted over and it certainly is happening fast, flying in the face of saving the planet and any reasonable thought processes regarding infrastructure, pollution and quality of life.

We can’t move for traffic literally crawling in and out of town and the surrounding areas.

It is a smokescreen to say we need housing for people in the area as in fact most of what is being built is out of reach of people on an average wage in the town.

No, we are housing people from all over the country to gain maximum profit for developers.

Once concrete is laid there is no going back.

Shame on those in power consistently putting one off profits before the planet.