Battle in Sussex has historical ties to Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire - let’s make it official

From: Clive Richardson, Tollgates, Battle

Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066, as depicted by Norweigan artist Peter Nicolai Arbo
Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066, as depicted by Norweigan artist Peter Nicolai Arbo

On a recent visit to Yorkshire, I visited Stamford Bridge, which because of the events of 1066, will forever be linked with our area,and with Hastings and Battle in particular King Harold’s defeat of the invading Viking army at Stamford Bridge,just before his march south and loss to William at what is now Battle, were arguably the two most important events of 1066.

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Today there are many similarities linking Battle with Stamford Bridge. Both have memorials marking the respective battle sites; both have roads and buildings with names linking them to these historic events;both have interesting gateways reflecting their 1066 histories;( a sculpture of fighting warriors for Battle and a replica Viking Longboat for Stamford Bridge) Both have historic walks, the battlefield and 1066 way at Battle, and the beautiful Riverside Walk along the River Ouse at Stamford Bridge (gaining control of the original bridge over the river was a key factor in Harold’s victory there.

Perhaps most importantly from todays perspective, both places lie only about 6 miles from substantial historical towns with large populations, York and Hastings. It seems to me that close ties or twinning would be of great mutual benefit,with the opportunity of opening up both social and tourism opportunities.

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