Praise for the Etchingham covid vaccination site

I am on a very unusual diet – for me - eating my own words!

Administering the Covid-19 vaccine (Oxford AstraZeneca)  Pic Justin Lycett.
Administering the Covid-19 vaccine (Oxford AstraZeneca) Pic Justin Lycett.

Although I still think it wrong for people to have to travel 20 miles from Rye to Etchingham for their Covid vaccination, I have nothing but praise for the organisation over there.

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There was potential pandemonium in the car park as hundreds of people attended. But the marshals sorted it amiably, there were volunteers, nurses and army medical corps on hand to greet people and process them. I was seen exactly on time, and jabbed by a lovely army girl about as old as my grand-daughter. It is certainly well organised.

But here is the crunch. There ARE facilities available nearer to Rye. The Hub has been offered, pharmacies and surgeries coped with flu vaccines, why not this one? Is it the storage of the Pfizer vaccine which is causing the problem? Use the Oxford one then.

The next problem will be getting the second doses administered while first ones to different age groups are still continuing. Surely that will mean the need for MORE centres?

Well done Etchingham. Wish you were nearer. And whatever will happen once children are back at school? And all congratulations to the Community Bus drivers.

Marion LoveLl

Oast House Field, Icklesham