Problems with reporting crime to police in Shoreham

According to a feature in the Shoreham Herald (September 20) people are invited to put questions to the Police and Crime Commissioner and '˜The deadline for receiving questions is 12pm Friday', though which Friday is not indicated but the meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 5. This is very short notice.

I hope the commissioner publishes the questions in the Shoreham Herald.

It would be interesting to see the questions being asked by other people as this may in turn lead to other questions.

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The questions are to be raised at the meeting of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel.

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So, the panel hold the commissioner to account and who holds the panel to account?

I read through the public information pack - all 36 pages of it. It appears that the Panel is made up of councillors - Simmons, Clayden, Marsh, Miller, Lintill, Smith, Ungar, Bentley, Lambert, Fitzgerald, Youtan, Nicholson, Webster, Kirby-Green, Dowling, Turner, Mitchell, Nightingale and Scolefield.

I am not aware of any meeting having been held by the representative of Shoreham-by-Sea with local people to establish the effectiveness of the system.

It’s difficult to put questions when the commissioner’s role is unknown.

What exactly does the Commissioner do? I’ve tried looking at the website but am none the wiser.

I see two problems in Shoreham, where the police station is part-time and there are no police on patrol:

1. In Shoreham, there is a skatepark which is a haven for antisocial behaviour. There is no point in reporting antisocial behaviour as the local police are useless. Can you identify the perpetrators? No because they have no identification. It is intimidating and hostile.

2. Cycling on the pavement is illegal. I have come across many instances of this and cyclists have a cocky and arrogant attitude. A few days ago, walking north in Corbyn Crescent and very close to home, a group of Shoreham Academy pupils came round a corner and one mounted the pavement and cycled inside me at speed.

The Commissioner has identified the following four policing and crime objectives: strengthen local policing; work with local communities and partners to keep Sussex safe; protect our vulnerable and help victims cope and recover from crime and abuse and improve access to justice for victims and witnesses.

I understand there are 22 members of staff in the commissioner’s office and antisocial behaviour continues.

Who in Shoreham is there to whom to report?

No-one – they are all in the commissioner’s office.

John Stevens

Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham


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