There really is no need to still be having polluting bonfires in Bexhill, Hastings or Rother

From: Richard Chown, Ashcombe Drive, Bexhill on Sea

In years gone by it was quite common for homeowners to have a bonfire to dispose of their garden waste and I know that some people enjoyed this. However, nowadays many of us find ourselves living in much closer proximity to others.

We have been educated in the harm that burning material can do to peoples’ health, particularly those with breathing difficulties. Councils have made civic tips available for garden waste disposal, alternatively you can pay for a brown bin and have it collected from your property.

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A garden bonfire

By now we should all be aware of the climate change threat and many gardeners compost their garden waste.

There really is no need to still be having polluting bonfires.

Right now we are still stuck in a pandemic that means we spend much more time in our homes.

We are urged to open our windows to provide good ventilation. This is not an option if one or two selfish individuals choose to have a bonfire.

The smoke from one bonfire can travel miles and in still air can get trapped near the ground.

After a long spell of dull grey skies it was a welcome change to awake to bright sunshine.

However, on opening our windows I was greeted with the unpleasant odour of bonfire. It was the second time in a week and has happened for many years.

It must affect hundreds of houses. It means people cannot open their windows for fresh air, hang out washing to dry, enjoy a walk or be in their gardens without the unwelcome acrid smell of bonfire.

I can not identify the source. It has to stop.

If it is your neighbour, and you are on good terms with them, why not ask if they have seen this letter.

A gentle nudge might just be all that is required.

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