Referendum needed

I WAS pleased to see that one of our region’s MEPs, Marta Andreasen of UKIP has taken the trouble to look into the proposed E.O.N Rampion Wind farm.

Apart from the fact that wind farms are a vastly expensive, only supply electricity when the wind is blowing and need huge subsidies to cover their costs (paid for by us, the ordinary electricity users), no-one has mentioned the decommissioning costs.

Eventually, these huge windmills will need to be removed or replaced and who will be responsible for the costs? They could well become a hazard to shipping unless they are completely cleared. Also the costs of connecting the 194 windmills, 13km off the coast to the National Grid electricity sub-staion at Bolney and the disruption involved, have not been spelled out.

As Marta Andreasen says, we do need a referendum so the views of the people from Newhaven to Littlehampton can be considered.

M. Penn

Jubilee Avenue