Remember this view when it was all fields

HOW refreshing to see the people of Littlehampton and surrounding area are finally waking up to what the money-mad developers are trying to do to Littlehampton.

Our beautiful seaside town, with its verdant green fields and agricultural heritage, is becoming a developers’ Mecca, a free-for-all of who can build the most houses and flats on whatever land becomes available.

The proposed Courtwick development is a typical example of what is proposed for this area. I ask everyone who reads this letter to go and stand looking towards Arundel from the bypass near Tesco. Look at this view, and take pictures for your memories, as, if the developer has his way, this is where the 600 houses will be built with access onto the bypass.

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Try to say no and you get told we need houses. Ask why, and the answer is the developers will give us money for roads and new infrastructure with factories. Try to tell these so-called guardians of our area that business will not come to Littlehampton – no matter how good the roads become – it’s too far off the main routes. Try to tell them to work on a tourist proposition and they look blank.

Maybe with the elections in a few weeks, some of these people will find their positions in jeopardy. Maybe it’s time for new blood that doesn’t follow the strongest view, but think and talk for themselves. The Pied Piper has had his day, come on, people, claim back your right to have a say.

Vivienne Hankins

Brook Barn Farm, Courtwick Lane


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