Should Bexhill Conservatives vote for a town council?

Rother District CouncilRother District Council
Rother District Council
From: Paul Minter, Constable Way, Bexhill

What is the biggest threat to the local Conservative Party? Some will point to the success of Independents. Others to the Liberal Democrats and Labour, even the Greens. All these are wrong.

In the Bexhill/ Rother area to be elected as a Conservative councillor is almost as easy as declaring yourself a candidate.

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The biggest threat to the local Conservative Party is its own councillors.

Everyone make mistakes. People are ready to forgive, if those concerned say sorry and take a new direction.

Bexhill overwhelmingly wanted a town council.

Many Conservative voters, including me, wanted a town council. Conservative councillors opposed it, and many of their own loyal voters either decided not to vote at all or voted for other parties.

So what is the first act of the remaining, now minority, Conservative councillors? To abstain on the vote to create a Bexhill town council. This can only lead the loyal members and voters in the past, not renewing their membership and voting for other parties.

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I would suggest that the majority of Bexhill/Rother Conservative voters are for a town council, and that either Conservative councillors can represent them on this issue or they should consider their positions.

Even those who remained loyal and voted Conservative in the local elections can’t be counted as supporting councillors in this unpopular position. If you are unable to represent Conservative voters, step aside, and let someone else who genuinely wants a Bexhill town council do the job.