Shuttle bus survey for hospitals misses the point

From: Dr Tim GietzenRetired GP, Baldwin Avenue, Eastbourne

The Eastbourne Herald’s survey to see if there is a need for a shuttle service between the two hospitals is to be welcomed, as is anything that seeks to alleviate the current, appalling, situation.

But I fear it rather misses the point. A population the size of Eastbourne and its surrounding towns and villages needs a fully functioning, fully equipped, fully staffed hospital. Not a couple of buses.

When, 10 years ago, obstetrics moved to Hastings it was on “safety grounds”.


What have the Trust being doing since then to address the safety issues and move the unit back to Eastbourne?

Safety is being used as an excuse to limit the service the people of Eastbourne need and deserve. Continuing to offer care on split sites will cause deaths. I don’t know how; I don’t know when and I don’t know where but I know they will happen.

Let me make a couple of predictions based on 48 years’ experience working in the local NHS.

1) There will be no “new” hospital and 2) Whatever form the reconfiguration takes there will be more office space and less ward space.