Sign petition to help save Eastbourne swimming pool

From: Wendy Jacques, Huggetts Lane, Willingdon, Eastbourne

We are told that the Motcombe Pool site will not be sold, but we need swift action to prevent further deterioration.

The building undoubtedly needs serious attention , but one wonders if it has slipped to the bottom of the ‘ to do’ list.

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We read of the many dwellings planned for the Eastbourne area and feel Motcombe Pool is a necessary facility for the population.


It is central, easily accessible and several main bus routes pass nearby.

Lack of funds is a problem for any council, but is Motcombe a cause for Lottery funding?

Can Swim England help?

Is crowdfunding an option?

Are there some apprentices at the local college in need of a practical project, suitably supervised, of course.

Swimming is wonderful exercise for young and old.

It promotes physical and mental health , ‘mens sana in corporo sano’ , as the Romans said.

Confidence in water is essential for all, particularly for those living near the sea - it could save a life.

I urge your readers to please sign the on line petition here in the hope that we can obtain some positive action.