Unsightly yellow bus parked at Beachy Head

From: Roger Charlwood, Beachy Head Road, Eastbourne

I would like to draw the attention of the residents of Eastbourne to what is going on at Beachy Head, as the Eastbourne council members do not seem interested.

For the last month or so there has been parked on Black Robin Farm a large bright yellow old American school bus.

This can be clearly seen and stands out like a sore thumb as you drive past the main road up to Beachy Head.

Lighthouse at Beachy Head by Liam Dyson. SUS-171108-094605001

It is really very unsightly, spoiling the views of everyone visiting this beautiful area.

It has nothing to do with the farm.

There is clearly someone living in it. Surely this should not be there.

I have found out that apparently the Eastbourne tourism team has given the people connected with this bus a lease to park their bus and live there!

Who are these members of the tourism team that have the authority to give this lease?

They clearly have not visited the site before doing so.

Have these members no feeling for the down land on Beachy Head? The evidence suggest that they have not.

It is urgent that there is appointed a high council officer, if there is one, to take charge at the Beachy Head area who knows what he/she is doing and has the interest and welfare of the down land area here; preferably a highly qualified chalk down land ecologist that knows their subject.

Sadly at the moment this is clearly not the case.

Black Robin Farm on Beachy Head is a successful working farm and has been so for very many years.

The site should be left as a working farm together with the farm buildings, not turned into some tourist creation.