Vote on issues that matter locally

Under your heading of Politics there was a letter from C. Howarth in the last edition about the state of the current parties and the fact that he, or she, is intending to vote UKIP in the next West Sussex County Council elections in May 2013 as they are unhappy with the three main parties.

Regrettably I am unable to trace anyone by the name of C. Howarth at the address given, Parsonage Road, Henfield, either on the current electoral roll or the telephone book.

Perhaps I can remind C. Howarth that any vote this time

must be registered before May 2013 to be effective. Can I also say that as the Conservative chairman of the Henfield branch I am not aware of any members who have not renewed over any of the issues referred to.

Your correspondent constantly refers only to national issues, not local concerns, and talks of voting for UKIP because its policy of withdrawal from the EU.

Surely David Cameron has answered this by promising us all a referendum.

UKIP have no published policies for local concerns or issues, so any vote for them is likely to be a wasted one. Why would one do that?

Better surely to vote for someone who will follow up on the points made by the local residents.

Who will see that yellow lines are installed on dangerous points, who will see that necessary road repairs are carried out and that speeding concerns are taken to the right people. Who will see that community taxes,

rates to you and me, are held at the same level for three years running, that the headcount of the county council employees are reduced by 30 per cent and see that £79m is saved from the budget in just three years with services maintained, and at the same time has plans to encourage employment and industry in the county.

Your correspondent is correct, local votes and local elections are important, but votes in local elections are better spent on the things that matter to residents,

not on wildcat ideas to cure perceived national problems.


(Con, Henfield Division), deputy leader, West Sussex County Council, County Hall, Chichester