We need a Covid ‘test to fly’ stop in Eastbourne

From: Hugh Ball, Willingdon Park Drive, Eastbourne

I passed the Fort Fun Covid testing centre this morning (Sunday January 2) and saw very few people getting tested.

Surely it would make sense for this testing centre to be used as a paying ‘test to fly’ centre as well as for people who think they may have Covid symptoms.

Apart from making better use of an expensive facility, this would enable the NHS to benefit from the profiteering that has been going on in the ‘test to fly’ private sector, thus bringing a welcome injection of extra money into our cash-strapped health service.

Bognor Covid test statiion stock pic by Neil Cooper SUS-210612-112323001

It seems crazy that those of us who want to take a holiday abroad have to travel to Brighton as the nearest place where one can get the test done.

Surely in a town the size of Eastbourne there are enough people wanting to travel abroad to make this extension in the use of the testing facility a sensible step.