‘We should close our borders to tell world coronavirus not welcome’

Letter from: Lorraine Morgan, Cambridge Road, Worthing

A sign to Gatwick Airport
A sign to Gatwick Airport

I would like to know why our air and sea ports remain open while we have risked our economy, mental health, etc., by remaining indoors during lockdown.

Thousands of people daily enter the UK legally and illegally unchecked and without quarantine – why?

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Has political correctness gone totally crazy in the UK to the point we are even happy to welcome coronavirus to our shores from abroad?

Do we think it’s racist to close our borders during this worldwide pandemic? Other countries have protected their citizens, so once again why does the UK feel it has to be weak?

We have plenty of unemployed, furloughed and volunteer citizens (a population of almost 70 million) who may be willing to pick fruit and vegetables, so why not set up schemes to support British people to feed themselves?

Our borders ought to be closed with a strong message sent out to the rest of the world that we are closed to non-essentials. Covid-19 is not welcome!

Why once again we are not putting British people and Britain first, surely this is why we voted Brexit?

I have copied this message to MPs Sir Peter Bottomley and Tim Loughton and I welcome their response.