Weep at voting records of East Sussex MPs on Paterson debacle

From: David Phillips, Hawthylands Crescen, Hailsham

I suspect many of our residents are appalled at the manner in which our MPs voted for the Goverments proposed (cobbled together by Andrea Leadsom) amendment to ‘save’ Owen Paterson in spite of numerous clear findings of egregious breaches of the Ministerial code.

Just check out the voting records of East Sussex MPs on this shameless debacle- and weep.

Seemingly lacking in any integrity or resolve in resisting the wishes of the PM on this assault on our democracy.

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We now have a hugely important vote coming up on the Lords Amendment to the Environment Bill – seeking to stop water authorities 
from pumping raw sewage into our rivers and onto our beaches.

An issue very close to the hearts of Sussex residents.

After numerous beach closures due to problems this year in Sussex and Kent we ( yet again) see Government putting forward alternative watered down wording to the Lords amendment.

Previously one of those MPs supported the Lords approach – let us see if he sticks to his guns or votes for the Governments alternative and essentially ineffective proposals.

Bizarrely Sally-Ann Hart voted against the Lords proposal – at a time when Hastings beaches have been closed down more than once because they were covered in human sewage.

Her recent TV appearance trying to justify her actions was less than convincing – stomach-churning more like it. Let’s mark carefully how each votes on this matter.

Isn’t it about time we demanded that our MPs not only act with integrity but also on behalf of their constituents interests rather than those of their party leader and his cronies?