Well done to them all

WHAT a pity Mr Walker (Observer June 29) spent so long out of his busy schedule reading the latest council self-congratulatory snippet and admiring my extremely glamorous photo, but apparently missed reading the accompanying two page report alongside. If he had read it he would then have understood the considerable changes at the council that have been implemented directly because of pressure from the people.

Very little changed in the Next Wave project because of the arrogance of the top level council officers and the leader who ignored all pleas and warnings from the public. All that the regular seafront users said was treated with disdain. As for the ‘consultations’, did anyone understand that although the council is obliged by the edict of the government to conduct consultations they, amazingly, are not obliged to take any notice of the results. So that’s democracy for you. In the event the consultations really were only about the shelters. The public’s own survey where they wrote thousands of letters on the trolley in the wind, snow and rain were rejected outright for totally specious reasons. The result was that councillors have said that the shelters were the most contentious issue in the the last election. Why do you think three extra independent councillors got in?

Yes, the seafront, apart from the shelters, does look superficially very nice but it would be difficult to spend nearly six million and it not be quite attractive. However there are some hidden horrors that many people are not aware of. We can provide a list if required.

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Now, at last, the councillors have spoken out and criticised the officers for ignoring the people’s views. They have demanded changes in procedure and attitudes. It is now admitted that mistakes were made and this has all happened because of public pressure. So this is what has been achieved, by people who did not just stay home watching ‘telly’ but got out, campaigned, wrote letters and complained to their councillor. I say ‘well done’ to them all.


Vox Pop.