What next, do away with the Red Arrows?

From: Robin Singh (Mr) Radstock, Somerset

Regarding We’re really disappointed Airbourne is going ahead click here to read: Whilst I can understand there will be an environmental impact, in the scale of the planet and the thousands of flights worldwide this airshow is likely to be insignificant (a puff in the sky as it were – a drop in the ocean).

If it’s the environment we are concerned about, there are much better subjects to focus on to reduce impact.

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Millions of gas-guzzling cars pumping out noxious fumes daily across the country; industrial fumes and chemicals discharged worldwide etc.

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Can you imagine the reaction if this country were to do away with the RAF Red Arrows air display team?

If such views were extended then that might be one conclusion. I have never heard anyone complain about the environmental impact of them before.

The publicity, morale, recruiting and income generated for the UK is immense. My strong suspicion is that this letter has a “not in my back yard, thank you” component.

Should we all stay inside, not drive cars and not fly anywhere?

The noise is short-lived and temporary. If it’s really disliked, why not do something else for those few days, which amount to around one per cent of the year – in flying time, even less than that?

Airbourne has been around for years, I saw it years ago and was so excited by it. My suspicion is that most do enjoy the airshow and opposition to it will prompt a reaction. Maybe the writer who objects is tired of it – however, a balance is appropriate, I feel.