Why bring your dog shopping at all?

From: Barbara Granger, King Edward’s Parade, Eastbourne

I am appalled to learn that dogs are now being permitted in the Beacon Centre.

I am a dog lover and kept dogs for many years when I was younger. Sadly, many dog owners do not train their pets, even to the extent of using extending leads so that they are being dragged along by a dog 10 feet ahead.

Extending leads are for training purposes only – how to keep your dog at heel, to come back when called and various other commands.

Eastbourne town centre 17/12/20 The Beacon SUS-201217-130023001

Does this new relaxed attitude mean that dogs are now allowed in all the shops and cafés in the shopping centre with or without a lead?

Many people enjoy having a quiet coffee during their shopping excursion and may now have to face having a yapping and untrained dog at the next table. Not everyone is a dog lover and I believe that their views should be respected.

Will they be allowed in shops selling food – M&S have display cabinets and counters where the items displayed would be within reach of a medium sized dog.

Has the management considered the problem of dogs defecating in the public ways thereby creating a problem both for shoppers and the staff?

Toddlers and small children are allowed more freedom to run about in the safe environs of the shopping centre; this could be curtailed if excitable dogs approach them and become a nuisance or even danger.

Why take a dog shopping at all? Pets prefer to be outside – running in parks and open places.

Finally, has the Health and Safety Executive been approached before this new ruling was introduced?