Will no one rid me of this turbulent PM?

From: Diana Austin, Kenton Close, Bexhill-on-Sea
Boris Johnson (Photo by Ben Stansall-WPA Pool/Getty Images) NNL-210427-115201001Boris Johnson (Photo by Ben Stansall-WPA Pool/Getty Images) NNL-210427-115201001
Boris Johnson (Photo by Ben Stansall-WPA Pool/Getty Images) NNL-210427-115201001

Many months ago I called upon the Conservative party to remove Mr Johnson, I considered him not fit to govern. Having listened to one of his group namely Mr Cummings give his version of events I am even more convinced that they should have removed Mr Johnson.

Mr Cummings may have overegged the pudding, clearly those of us who listened to him will have taken account of that likelihood. Despite this his version of events carries much weight and is clearly very concerning. I feel deeply for those who have lost loved ones and for others who have survived only to have their health impaired. It must have been heartbreaking to listen to the version of events which Mr Cummings gave to the select committee, with its repeated lost opportunities to limit the variant and protect lives.

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We now have a variant loose in this country which is seriously increasing the numbers infected and has led to some countries preventing entry to UK citizens. We may be delayed in fully reopening due to this Indian variant. The test and trace is still not up to scratch. This problem is the direct result of Mr Johnson’s decision to delay closing our borders to India two weeks later than other countries.

I hold the Conservative party as directly responsible for both appointing Mr Johnson and for maintaining him in a position of power for which he was and remains unfit. I would ask all those who have influence in the Conservative party to rid us all of this dangerous and inadequate individual before any further harm is visited upon the citizens of this country.

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