Worthing Council should let residents vote on Brooklands plans

I couldn't agree more with P. Edwards' comments (letters, last week) about the proposed redevelopment (loss of facilities, I call it) at Brooklands.

Brooklands Park
Brooklands Park

Sceptically speaking, I doubt that once ‘their’ mind is made up little will be changed.

And what exactly does ‘consultation’ mean?

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I have been through such a process in my professional career where despite almost unanimous objections nothing changed.

Remove the go-karts for a car park (no doubt with a pay and display facility and patrolling traffic wardens – sorry, I mean civil enforcement officers)? The go-karts should stay.

Remove the golf course... a brilliant step forward in providing facilities.

I didn’t know anything about a public meeting. So, Worthing Council, let’s have a referendum. Actually ask the people who pay their council tax. Yup, a good idea.

Send out a voting form to us residents. Itemise the changes. We tick a box for changes we agree with and cross ones we don’t.

Then implement people’s wishes. If the vote is remove the golf course, go-karts and other facilities, then okay.

I believe, Worthing Council, they call that democracy.

Colin Roberts

Bath Road, Worthing


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