Listen to club - and to Herald!

I READ the column by Ian Hart (Herald, April 29) with much interest. He raises some very valid points.

Read Ian Hart's column Pooling resources, here.

I have written to the Herald before on the matter of the proposed new pool but can only assume the council members do not read your excellent paper, because they never address issues your pages have frequently highlighted in various ways.

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My angle on the pool is as a parent of a very able competition swimmer, who actually swims at Littlehampton.

However, we do talk to the coaches at Worthing and share their concern that the future looks bleak both for the swimming club and for the financial stability of the pool.

Much has been said about the cost of the pool and, of course, the fact it is on a high value beach front site makes matters worse.

Why could it not be sited inland where parking could be free?

Why does it have to compete with an adjacent swimming facility for several months a year, which is called a beach? As for "emphasising the connection between land and sea", we already have one.

There may be readers who would like to point out that swimming clubs are not the only users, and of course that is quite right.

But the clubs do cater for literally hundreds of swimmers who are mainly local young people, involved in an activity which has come into the forefront of sport since the last Olympics.

It is a fact that swimming clubs need to cover costs (nearly all coaches are unpaid volunteers) and that is largely the payment to the swimming pool management.

Clubs need to raise additional funds or otherwise exclude potential members by raising the subscription.

This money is raised largely through open meets and galas and a charge is made to spectators.

A modest gala would attract around 300 swimmers, which is likely to translate to at least 400 spectators.

I was crestfallen to learn there might only be 250 seats, but now it seems the council has gone the kamikaze route with just 85 seats.

Might I respectively suggest to Worthing Council they listen very carefully to the concerns of Worthing Swimming Club? They do know quite a lot about swimming!

Mick Frayne

Strathmore Road,


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