Not just dogs making mess

WHILST it is a good idea to make more people responsible for their dogs, it won't work.

The law-abiding will be penalised and those that stick their fingers up at the law will continue to get away with it.

It happens in so many instances.

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Also, while I appreciate it is disgusting to leave dog mess everywhere, look at it from another point of view - the dog's.

What about all these people who throw food and drink and their containers everywhere?

What feeling have they got for the dogs who they make ill, or cut and burn their paws through broken glass, twisted drink cans and cigarette ends?

Go to any open space after a weekend and try walking a dog through all the broken bottles left lying around.

It's not just dog owners who are dirty and selfish.

Many a time I have been to a park and found the yobs have got the dog poo bags out of the bins and thrown them around.

Penalise these people as well, not just dog owners. If you must smoke in public, tread on your finished butt and put it in a bin or take it home.

Parents should teach their dirty children to take their food and drink rubbish home if they cannot put it in a bin. Why should we have to put up with their dirty habits?

Sue Delaney

Congreve Road


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