'˜Open borders' work

IT'S GOOD to know that Douglas Denny shares my concern for the fate of the nine Eritreans recently found near here in the back of a lorry and subsequently returned to France.

I doubt they tried to come here for our ‘generous welfare system’.

Immigrants are sometimes imprisoned on arrival and those who are not, get less than 70 per cent of British welfare benefits.

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Sadly, it’s quite possible these men were trafficked some of the way, their savings taken from them, and their lives put seriously at risk.

It’s absurd of Mr Denny to imply that I’m advocating that millions should be allowed entry here.

The number of immigrants now being accepted in the UK each year is about 200,000; nine out of ten of whom come from Europe.

Of the 20,000 who come hoping for asylum, two-thirds are turned away.

Even the number of non-European potential students has just been severely reduced.

Although European borders are open, those for non-Europeans are strictly controlled.

Unlike Mr Denny, I am glad to be part of Europe.

We are able to travel without hindrance, and many Britons enjoy living and working in Europe, so open borders work in both directions.

Thelma Percy

Normanton Avenue, Bognor Regis