Options on A27 solutions should be fact based

I wish to thank Gavin Barrett for his contribution to the current debate. It was an impressive 48 column inches long approximately.

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

It is understandable that Mr Barrett is against a northern solution living in Summersdale.

The problem is that wherever, or if ever a road is built, it will create more problems for some local residents than others.

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Perhaps the options should be based on facts.

Here are some examples:

A southern route would have to be nearer many more housing areas and schools with the associated air pollution/quality issues because of the many junctions and mixing local and through traffic.

A northern route would be beneficial for the petrolheads and punters attending Goodwood events with less time spent sitting for hours in traffic jams.

This would also benefit local businesses that lose money when the roads are jammed.

A new road running alongside the Goodwood aerodrome would not make any difference to the noise issue as the area is not in the least tranquil most of the time with planes taking off/landing and cars screaming round the race track. And with good planning and modern materials and sound management the traffic noise can be minimised.

The cost issues that are raised by the Dept of Transport/Highways England should not be taken seriously.

Whichever route might be built, the ability of these organisations to plan/manage any project has been a joke for some time.

John Brodie, Marine Drive, West Wittering